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    Hey shifi!! This is so fun! What should I do about azi who refuses to sleep in his bed every single night?? I know it’s a phase and hel hopefully grow out of it by the time he’s 20… But how should I deal with  this now? Charts? Enforcements? Is he too young for that?

    September 23, 2012 at 11:50 pm #738

    Key Master

    Being that I wake up consistently with kids in my bed, I’m wondering if someone else has any other insight about this.  But from a behaviorist perspective though, you- the parent- needs to decide what behaviors will be tolerated and what will not. Being inconsistent  and allowing him sometimes to come out and other nights not, is extremely confusing for a 3 year old and you will unlikely succeed in keeping him in bed.  How much is it worth to you for him to stay in bed?  One nights sleep?  A week of sleep? Getting up once a night and walking him back to bed?

    If you are totally convinced that you need him in bed all night, you need to be prepared to fight that battle.  If you think you will lose (like I think I will lose my battle), you’re better off not even starting the fight and thinking of an alternative plan (blanket on the floor near your door, having him sleep with a sibling).


    *Addressing what’s bothering him should be taken seriously also (ask him during the day).

    *Is this a learned behavior? Is this something that always was or did this just begin?

    *Have you tried positively reinforcing him to stay in bed all night? Has it helped?

    Bottom line is, if you’re determined to get him to stay in his bed all night– know that you can do it! It’s all a mind game.  Remind yourself that you’re the parent and you will win this “war.”  Take control and make it happen, but be prepared that it will probably come at a cost until he learns new behaviors.

    Otherwise, enjoy his cuddles :-)

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