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  • January 6, 2013 at 12:40 pm #857

    Rikki Lieberman

    Hi Shifi,

    My son in first grade needs big time help with reading/writing….his teacher last year basically taught him nothing so when we met with his principle in the summer she commented that this would be a challenging yr for him cuz hes playing catch up basically..i called her recently and she said that maybe I want to put him in the small class? I’m not sure, I think maybe he needs 1 on 1 tutoring.  Like he doesn’t know how to write letters properly, he just does it however he wants. For example he might write a T starting from the bottom up…

    I’m babbling. Anyways what do you think of the small class vs. a tutor? And can you recommend a tutor ?


    January 6, 2013 at 12:43 pm #858

    Key Master

    Hey u.

    I’ve had this discussion with a whole bunch of parents. My feelings basically boils down to where he would have the most self- esteem- because in the end, that will determine how well he does.

    I’m a fan for a small class, on a short term basis (1 year or so until he’s caught up) provided he will have friends and he’s happy to be there and that the curriculum is the same as the other classes, just in smaller groups. Sometimes, they actually teach less in the smaller making the gap even bigger and making it impossible for the child to ever catch up.

    They have tutors in school also that pull out for reading and writing. They can pull him out for the subjects he needs help with technically. This reduces a stigma of being in the small class and many boys go out for different subjects.

    But, BUT, if he really needs the support in all areas, then the stigma of being of the weakest kids will damage him the most. That being said, he should be part of the decision and there should be a discussion about how you just love him so much that you want to give him the skills that he can be best that he can be. He should be told that you are making changes to his class in order that he feel more comfortable in the classroom once he’s learned the skills. I’d make it clear that it’s not forever because unfortunately the kids can respond to their “self fulfilling prophecy” and prove to you that they actually belong in that class! And not even try. And then the skills are never learned and he can’t go back into the regular classroom. Which is obviously not our goal.


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